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P.N Academy, it has been started in 2004 and all the academic staffs and well-wishers become a great inspiration for the achieving of student destination. all the academic staffs are highly motivated to give well disciplined and true academic atmosphere to the well nourishing all the kids to become pure citizen for the developing of their global.

since 2004, it is very long service of achieving which pride to all of us as well as for rural locality. our students have truly hand of real potential to proof any where as for as in any field. but they need proper supporting environment and nourishment, and this is what P.N. Academy is providing from last 15 years.

Priniciple Message

Welcome to P.N. ACADEMY!

It is truly an honor to lead such a great staff that devotes their lives to educating children. At P.N. ACADEMY, we strive to provide the best possible education. We are committed to creating a safe and positive learning environment where staff and students promote and model safe, responsible, and respectful behavior in order to provide each student the best learning environment. As a staff, we base our decisions on “what’s is best for kids.”

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Mr. Sudhir Singh
Principal P.N Academy Public School Deoria
Thought of the day

Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try.

What We Offer

Professional Teachers

Personal Attention

Modern Teaching Style

Our Vision

Our vision at P.N. ACADEMY is to empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge and skills that will support them, as life-long learners, to participate in and contribute to the global world and practise the core values of the school: respect, tolerance & inclusion, and excellence.

Education is the apprentice of life. Our vision is to provide value based education with new innovations and ideas so that our pupils grow into aesthetically rich, intellectually aware and integrated young people, capable of fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

Best School in deoria
Best School in deoria

Our vision is to strengthen the basic foundation and thereafter allow the latent talent to fully develop. Creative energies need a caring & nurturing environment and this is what we endevour to provide.

Our Mission

Is to enable all learners’ access to learning through the provision

We embark on the mission of creating individuals who are confident about their potential and are goal oriented, sensitive to their environment and above all, co-creators of their own destiny. Our aim is to help a child realise his/her inner strength and give him a conducive environment to grow & evolve as a good social being and a global citizen.

Best School in deoria
Best School in deoria

At P.N. Academy Public School, we aim to provide an academic environment which treats each child as a unique individual and develops him/her to the maximum potential and to provide variety of learning experiences which promote integrative growth in all areas, be it the physical, intellectual, moral or social.

Through the provision of,differentiated, in-depth and cohesive learning programs aligned to year level content and achievement standards informed by the Australian curriculum

highly effective teachers, focussed on improving student outcomes, through their commitment to ongoing professional development, quality teaching, evidence based practices, coaching and mentoring and collaboration

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